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After months of struggling with it, here it is finally. 'Error vol. 3' Music album!

Firstly, I'd like to apologize for the lack of updates and new pages. I kinda lost my motivation for this, but I'm trying to rebuild it in many ways. We are really on the edge of the plot, it's gonna take a few more pages before starting the next trip in search for the adventure. Also there is a bunch of new characters to introduce and lots of enemies to release. Shortly after bugging Kate in her own room.

Again, I am sorry that I've disappointed you, but in repay, I've got 16 tracks (including 1 remaked song), and I want to share them with you. I believe the third album is way more sophisticated and simply better than the previous two. I wanted to not make every single piece so rough for your ears (though there are still some like this >:) ), so you can also find some slow ones too. Basically it's mostly still 'weird kind of electronic', so if you liked the previous album, you won't be somehow extremely disappointed.

I plan to release songs not all at once, but every now and then. There will be a playlist on YouTube with all the songs, like before. I may mark the exact days of song releasing on the MIGHTY UPDATE CALENDAR (I hope it comes in handy for you).


It's already ONE YEAR of 'Error'!


So... It's been a year already. And there are some things I'd like to write about.

One year ago I created the first twelve pages, and since then, many things happened. At the beginning I used to show all pages only on DeviantArt. The idea of my own website came some time later. I don't remember exactly why I decided so, or what made me want to have it, though one friend of mine suggested it to me, and I decided that's what I may need in the future. And soon, along with chapter 3, I started it. The beginnings weren't spectacular obviously, but after another number of months, the amount of visitors increased, maybe not so instantly, but stably, at least. And today... I almost forgot about writing it all for this special day, making another page instead, as usual.

Through one year, I made 160 pages, including one flash animation, which took me about two months to make. I am happy that I didn't throw the whole idea to trash, even if it doesn't bring me many benefits (yet), and I'm not going to give up with it now either, thinking on what's about to happen. All first four chapters were more like a hella long introduction, which was focusing only on four characters. Now I'm going to bring there more action, and introduce way more chars. In the upcoming update, there will be introduced the fourth human one, and also we're gonna greet somebody familiar. And all people will meet each other in real life really soon. ;)

For this occasion, I'm also preparing some new features for the website, though there was too little time to finish everything up. For now I changed a little it's appearance (which might not harm your eyes that much now ;d), but that's the littlest thing, to be honest. Soon I plan to include FORUM, where all of you could finally share your opinion, and meet other people. And if everything will go well, I will also add a working SCRIBBLER, which would work as shoutbox. Personally I think that could be something funny to use. Also, there are planned some improvements for convenience of reading, such as auto-save of last readed page, or custom size.

I feel like I need to say a word about my writing skills, since English isn't my national language. It's obvious that sometimes you can find some typo, or some grammatical mistakes, or badly used words. I'm doing my best to avoid these things, but well, I'm only a miserable human. If the forum was working enough well, I'd like to make a thread about text mistakes. Everybody could let me know what and where I made one, and after some time, I could fix selected pages, just for better experience for future readers. But anyway, after one year of writing, I feel way more self confident, and I believe now it's not that bad as before. :)

Lastly, I truly want to thank ALL OF US for reading my webcomic. I'm spending hours on it every day, let alone many other stuff left to do. Every single comment I've received on DA cheered me up a lot. I hope that my readers liked it, and want to read it in the future.


( shit how did I write that much of text ._. )

ERROR vol. 2 - Full album



So, it finally came here. Chapter 5 opening flash animation and new music album. And new things you haven't seen yet.

A word about music album: it contains 14 tracks, with way more sophisticated sound than the ones from the vol. 1. That's because I had this time more time for it, not like before, when I had to hurry and make everything before the end of chapter 3. Besides, it has also some extra animated pictures.

When it comes for webcomic itself, after I finished the animation, now I'm going to go back to the standard procedure of submitting new pages every two weeks, in Sundays. I think it's worth of waiting, chapter 5 is generally a start of the actual story. It's gonna be long, it's gonna be crazy, it's gonna introduce many new characters. I'm really excited for it, I hope you too. :D

And that's all for now, I guess. There's nothing much to talk about. Greetings!

Listen to the new track from upcoming 'Error vol. 2'!


The track is called 'Temple of fire' and it comes from the upcoming album 'Error vol. 2', which I was working on for couple of months.


I am also about to finish the flash animation, just about 5 scenes left to draw. Everything should be finished before or on 12-10-2014. In the meantime, enjoy the music. :)

One month of break before CHAPTER 5 + Flash animation


Hello, dear Readers!

After I ended up chapter 4, I decided to take a short break for couple of things. It means that there will be lack of updates for a little longer than two weeks. Why so?

Well, first of all, I just need to prepare storyline for upcoming chapter 5. It's going to be really long, there will appear many new characters and the storyline will become way more extensive. I want to avoid all possible inaccuracies in the storyline that could make a big mess and eventually lead me in a dead end. That's why I need to prepare for it really good.

The next thing is, I want to start chapter 5 with... flash animation. I believe occasional, short, animated movies will be a really cool feature in this webcomic. The one I'm currently working on lasts for about 3 minutes. But that means I need to prepare lots of pictures, graphics and animations for it. Of course it's gonna take some time too.

What's more, I'm also working on the second music album. I want to make this one more refined than the first one. I'm going to release it along with flash animation, eventually after short time.

Unfortunately I don't really know how long the break will last. I'll try to make all work in less than one month, and then after release the flash animation I'll continue to make next, regular pages. I will write again soon, when everything will be almost ready. Please be patient for about one month (And don't worry, I'm not going to give up with this, especially not right before such exciting things that are about to happen).

Thanks for all people being interested in my webcomic.

Stay tuned!

Error vol. 1 - First 'music album' is out!


Along with writting chapter 3, I was making also music dedicated for this webcomic. Now It's done, and you can hear first album with 11 tracks ( Well, if we can call a playlist on YouTube as a music album xP ). I hope it'll make it all 'cooler'.


poweredbygif.com - website open + basic informations


Welcome to the poweredbygif.com! Finally, after I've finished chapter 3, I decided to publicize this website. 63 pages should be enough for the beginning, I guess.

What is 'Error' about?

'Error' is an animated webcomic, stylised in sketchy ( and later in pixel ) style. It's about a group of people and mysterious characters, all involved in a huge challenge. From amateur fight to travelling through whole earth, then through whole universe and then even further (well, I shouldn't tell you everything now, okay? ;) ). Whole story will keep getting bigger and better, becomming a huge thing.

Uploading pages

Here's the first thing I'd like to write about: how will I submit pages? Well, I think I should do it rather regularly, not page by page because it's not 'that experience of reading' and not whole big chapters because it'd take too much time and too much waiting from you. I guess maybe couple of pages every 2 weeks, for example. This way I could keep better control over storyline and over decent level of text. My english might not be perfect, but I'm doing my best to avoid any stupid mistakes (well, I hope my skills are going to keep improving). Anyway, I'll inform you about everything in news section, so you shouldn't miss anything.

Let's boost it!

If you like this webcomic and if you are waiting for next pages, well, thank you a lot, that means everything to me. But If you like it, I have a little request for you too. It would be nice from you to tell about this website all your friends and help me boost it in any way. Making this is rather time-consuming (but it doesn't mean I don't like to do it!), but if I had an audience, it'd be a huge motivation for me and I'd start to take it more seriously.

Other stuff

One word about website: I'm going to keep working on it (occasionally) and fixing and adding new features, but I'd like to keep it still simple and clear. I'm going to make also a new e-mail address, for any questions, or propositions or everything you would like to tell me.

New pages soon!

poweredbygif.com - almost ready


So, the website is finished. At least I think so. All needed things are encoded, and all I need to do now is just finish chapter 3. Currently, I'm finishing page 44, and it's about half of this chapter. Fortunatelly I have got more free time for this, so the work should speed up, I don't know when I'll end it though. Just be patient, please. ;d

These links in main menu, at the top of website, aren't working properly yet (maybe except 'artworks'). I'm going to take care of these later.

If you are interested in my artworks, please visit my DeviantArt profile at: vrivs.deviantart.com. There are all of my artworks for now, but I have plans to transfer all of them and more to poweredbygif.com.